As you can see two sub-Categories here. A folder of couples being all lovely-dovey, or portrait-y, or artsy And the other folder, of couples being, well nude and let's say passionate...ish. No X-Rated material! So I'll call them "Erotic" and "Non-Erotic" and you can have at it. Also should at least one of the couple be nude, even if it's not an erotic pic it will go in the Erotic folder nonetheless, so that no one will get the vapors upon seeing a nude in the "Non-Erotic" folder.

There is of course the traditional "Male/Female" couples well as the becoming more traditional and every high-school boy's fantasy idiom "Female/Female" couples. At some point in time there may be "Male/Male" couples and the popular Adult-Party Game, "More Than Two People Doing Stuff" folders. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here

Please Note: I am not the male model in any of these couples pics (nor am I any of the Female models either). I was just a photographer, doing his job, waiting for the pizza to be delivered.